Password fields should not save in the database. Ninja Mail — Transactional Email is now available. Checkbox list and radio list fields with wrapped values should now display properly. Forms that fail to load on the front-end will now remove the loading animation from the page. Resolved an issue that sometimes caused long forms to not publish properly. Importing forms with non-UTF8 characters should now import properly. Where can I find documentation?

Nom: multimedia builder 4.9.6
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Fixed a bug that sometimes caused fields to not display properly when their labels contained non-ASCII characters. The Modernizr library should only be loaded if you are using the RTE on the front-end. Thank you to Samuel Anttila at netsec. GDPR The export data request action can now be added to a form, allowing your users to request a record of their Mjltimedia Forms submissions. Fixed a bug with 4.6 the Country Field from v2.

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Resolved an issue that could have caused some display issues on multiemdia dashboard due to cached scripts. Unknown field multimdeia will be removed upon upgrade to prevent forms from breaking in 3.

multimedia builder 4.9.6

This will allow users to map another field on their form to it and will validate the buikder on the front end with the field it is mapped to. Pressing the tab key while in the delete a form modal should now shift focus to the delete button. Corrected a bad reference in our Create multimedja Post template documentation.


multimedia builder 4.9.6

Added a cleanup routine for duplicate fields in forms. Added a confirm modal to field deletion to prevent accidental removal of data. Form autocomplete is here!

multimedia builder 4.9.6

Fixed a bug with updating form submission error messages. Prevent display the full path to the file when using minification on a file without version query string Bug fix: The merge tag selector box should now detect the lower edge of the window and shift upwards .49.6.

Created On dates for 4.99.6 and duplicated forms should reflect the current date. Merge tags should work properly when previewing a form with unpublished changes.

Our team provides free support at https: Editing a submission and using a single quote should not break the submission editor. Updated inline email check so that it should work on longer domains, i.

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Placeholder text should now be visible in number fields that have a minimum value. Share Buttons by AddThis You have version 6. Shortcodes Ultimate You have version 5. Personally, i don’t like the immediate warning when you click out an element, i prefer the warning to appear when multimedua click the submit button. Added decimal date seperators MM. Fixed a bug with converting forms from 2.


Correctly handle array parameters in URL when having query strings Bugfix: Updated the third-party EDD multumedia. Editing submissions with Checkbox List fields should work properly. Fixed a bug that caused PHP notices to be displayed.

Added an expired submissions cleanup button to our settings page to supplement cleanup on sites with a large number of submissions.

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Multimevia a bug with imported forms that contain HTML in fields. Re-instated the changes and bug-fixes in version 3. Added better error reporting for Internal Server Errors for troubleshooting.

HTML fields should now show properly in merge tags. I’ve tried it twice and rolled back to 2. Correctly display the customizer link on the front-end when using logged-in user cache. Unique fields will no longer try to validate deleted submissions. Fixed a bug with aggressive CDN caching.