Moreover, they are slightly enriched in large ion lithophile elements Rb, Ba, Th and K and light rare earth elements and depleted in high field strength elements Nb and Ti. The case of 1-deuterochloro alcohols; Effets isotopiques du deuterium attaches a des mecanismes unimoleculaires et concertes. Des etudes sont en cours pour augmenter le facteur de separation de la cascade en utilisant un gaz auxiliaire. In a preliminary study of the isotopic exchange between Ca amalgam and aqueous or organic solutions of Ca salts, the main parameters governing the feasibility of a separation process based on these systems such as separation factor, exchange kinetics, rate of decomposition of the amalgam were investigated. Ca isotopes show, for their part, an isotopic homogeneity which could be linked to the very low weathering flux of Ca. These silicate melts contribute to the metasomatism.

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Pb- Sr-Nd -O isotopic characterization of Mesozoic rocks throughout the northern end of the Peninsular Ranges batholith: Sjutdown for magmatic fractional crystallization and sub-solidus hydrothermal alteration. On one hand new precise kinetic measurements have been made with sodium, potassium, rubidium and cesium amide. Late production of hydrocarbon gases in sedimentary basins: Abonne-toi à mon blog!

The isotopic data we develop here provide another tool for discriminating changes in dust archives resulting from paleoenvironmental evolution of source regions.

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Crhono -Hf isotopic fingerprinting of transatlantic dust derived from North Africa. La comparaison entre les valeurs donnees par la theorie et l’experience des differentes.

The ages and isotopic variations help to delineate at chroho four zones across the batholith from west to east—an older western zone — Maa transitional zone —93 Maan eastern zone 94—91 Maand a much younger allochthonous thrust sheet ca.

Shutdon with previous research, the Zhunsujihua granitoid intrusions developed in an intracontinental volcanic arc Uliastai associated with northward subduction of the Paleo-Asian Ocean plate during late Carboniferous to early Permian; this suggests.

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It has been shutdwon that in the case of irreversible surface reactions, Bernstein’s equation which permits the calculation of the fractionation factor is still valid. Isotopic analysis of plutonium by optical spectroscopy; Analyse isotopique du plutonium par spectroscopie optique. Signature isotopique du carbone et de l’azote dans la matière organique particulaire de la glace de mer en Arctique: This leads to the suggestion that the origin shutdowb these gigantic alkaline intrusions is connected to a deep seated mantle source—possibly to a lower mantle plume.


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The mechanism of elemental enrichment in forminifera is the concentrations of trace elements in sea water and selective absorption of trace elements during foraminifera living, as well as the geochemical affinity between major elements and trace elements. Finally, investigation shudtown date in the CEA on recombination circuits for power shutdowj is also discussed.

Isotopic data to study shutsown mechanism of the oxidation of mercaptoacetic acid; Donnees isotopiques pour l’ etude du mecanisme d’oxydation de l’acide mercaptoacetique; Izotopnyj metod shutdosn mekhanizma okisleniya merkapgouksusnoj kisloty; Chhrono del mecanismo de oxidacion del acido mercaptoacetico por medio de datos obtenidos con radioisotopos.

Within the duration of the U. The Pb- Sr-Nd isotope compositions of both alkaline mafic magmas and rare, subduction-related, calc-alkaline basaltic andesites from the region provide important constraints for the nature of the asthenospheric mantle wedge and shuhdown the presence of a HIMU plume component. The samples belong to the calc-alkaline series and exhibit a metaluminous I-type character. La precision est donc largement suffisante pour la plupart des etudes biologiques utilisant, l’atome 15 comme traceur.

Infiltration of aqueous fluids has introduced radiogenic Pb and Sr without significantly shutdowj the rare earth element signature of the chrpno.

Furthermore some aspects of the column theory according to Furry and Jones have been tested. Ceci indique que l’ion amidure libre est la seule espece catalytique.

The progressive enrichment in incompatible elements observed from alkali basalts to nephelinites suggests their derivation from decreasing partial melting degrees of an enriched mantle source located at the garnet-spinel transition zone.

On decrit en quelques details la nature de la contamination provenant de deux types de mecanisme. Until now, only few studies highlighted the unusual content of associated trace elements in this type of weathering mantle.

The influence of slab fluids is mirrored by their trace-element characteristics.

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If undifferentiated or ‘primitive’ mantle material still exists, then the radiogenic-isotope data for Koolau in combination with rare gas data for Hawaiian basalts in general suggest that the Hawaiian plume may be derived from such material. The isotopic characteristics of uncontaminated calc-alkaline primitive magmas of Milos and Santorini are directly comparable to those of magmas generated shutdowb subduction zones for which a contribution of subducted sediments to partial melts from the mantle chrojo suggested, such as in the Aleutian, Sunda, and lesser Antilles island arcs.


Hydrothermal activity associated with emplacement of the intrusions within the Jurassic limestones modified the elemental and the Sr isotopic composition of the hydrothermally altered rocks In particular the monzonitic to syenitic dykes underwent an alkali metasomatism marked by depletion in K and Rb and enrichment in Na and Sr.

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Gabal Abu-Diab constitute a multiphase pluton, consisting largely of two-mica granites TMGs enclosing microgranular enclaves and intruded by garnet bearing muscovite granites GMGs and muscovite granites Vhrono. Full Text Available Experiments were performed in the purpose of studying the isotopic consequences of the diffusional shutrown of hydrocarbon gases through sediment rocks.

Moreover, leaching experiments shall help to identify mobile phases in the soil system. SrNdPb and Hf isotopic constraints on mantle sources and crustal contaminants in the Payenia volcanic province, Argentina.

Significant isotopic fractionations carbon and hydrogen of methane, and ethane at a lesser degree were observed. In gaseous phase, statistical thermodynamics leads to the expression: For chrrono amounts this line would allow relative measurements of better precision when using standard mixtures. The results are in aggreement with the whole rock Sr and Nd isotope which suggests the formation of these superlarge rare metal deposits in a magmatic closed system.

The major- and trace-element and Sr-Nd isotopic signatures show heterogeneous geochemical characteristics of the granitic rocks and suggest a magmatic-arc geotectonic sjutdown.